How would you like to be an egg?


A friend sent this to me today and made me smile. Think of the poor eggs when you next eat them!

If you think life is bad. How would you like to be an egg?
You only get laid once!
You only get smashed once!
It takes 4 minutes to get hard!
Only 2 minutes to get soft!
You share your box with 5 other guys! And after 3 minutes in the hot tub you get your head smashed in and then you get a good poking by a load of soldiers! But worst of all.
The only chick that ever sat on your face was your mother!
So cheer up, your life aint that bad!

Happy easter.

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Sulky Monkey


A couple of days ago I tried to make some changes to my blog regarding upgrade to domain name. I made mess. I’ve contacted support and I’m awaiting a reply.
My blog is what’s keeping me occupied at the moment and I’m furious with myself for whatever I’ve done wrong in the upgrade process.

My husband has been trying to keep me occupied today but as the quote says, to find tranquility elsewhere you have to have it inside you first.

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The World Needs Some Lovin’

The World Needs Some Lovin’.

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All emotions are equal


Two words: very true


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iPhone app to help Social Anxiety

As you might have guessed from my ‘playtime with Siri’, I’m a gadget geek and so when I see gadget plus possible health benefit I am intrigued. I found the article below (I’ve copied the whole article but also included the link) about an app being designed for the iPhone to help people with Social Anxiety.

I’m ‘new’ to this Social anxiety lark, I knew I had issues being amongst people and doing certain things but I’ve only been diagnosed recently. Apparently, people with SA when in a crowd would automatically have their gaze distracted by hostile faces rather than friendly faces. The app in development has a friendly and hostile face and then merges them together flashing a letter over the top. You need to identify what the letter is. By taking your focus away from the faces and onto concentrating on the letter you are not worrying which face is hostile and which is friendly, ‘The app helps break this fixation, re-training the brain and reducing anxiety.

I’m a willing to give things a go but I am a bit dubious about this. Firstly, don’t we all read expressions on people’s faces differently? Who is to say that my version of hostile is the same as your version of hostile, and equally, my version of friendly the same as your version of friendly? Part of SA is that we take criticism badly and see looks, glances, words that others see as insignificant as criticism, hence people giving this perceived criticism would appear hostile. I have a very difficult time decided what someones face is telling me!

What do you think?

Could an iPhone app cure your social anxiety?
By Tecca | Today in Tech – Tue, Feb 14, 2012

We recently reported on smartphone app Mobilyze, a program under development that’s capable of diagnosing mental health issues. A team of researchers at Harvard University are working on the logical next step: A smartphone app that can help treat mental health issues — in this case, social anxiety.

The app uses a simple approach developed by an Australian psychologist. Users of the app are shown two different faces on their phone screen: One friendly and one hostile. The program merges the faces together, and then flashes a letter that you need to correctly identify.

It’s believed that those with social anxiety tend to fixate on faces in the crowd who are hostile. The app helps break this fixation, re-training the brain and reducing anxiety.

Recent studies show that using the new smartphone app helped reduce subjects’ anxiety by 22 points on a questionnaire, as compared to an 8-point drop experienced by a group who didn’t use the app. But before you start trading in your doctor for an iPhone, it’s important to note that not everyone believes that the app is special: A similar 22-point drop was experienced by a control group who looked at pairs of faces without the letter to distract them.

It could just be that the key to feeling better is simply the act of taking the initiative and doing something about your anxiety. According to one Chicago-area control group participant in the study, “I felt good about myself, that I was doing something for my issues, and a lot happened in those two months outside the study that could have helped.”

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This picture made me smile but also think.

A lot of people with epilepsy have problems with their memory and I’m one of them. When talking with sisters there’s the ‘do you remember when….’ conversations, and no, I don’t remember. To counteract this I’m very organised in daily life as I don’t want to forget things. Everything is in my calendar synced between my computer and iPhone. Whenever I think of something I want to blog about, I make a note; when I remember something I need to do, I set a reminder; I write shopping lists. When it comes to day to day, I’m fine, in fact my memory day to day is better than my husband. He’s gone to the supermarket and called me asking what he’s gone there for!

On the other hand, when I remember my past, the majority of it are bad times. I can remember the nasty words, the arguments and the unhappiness.

Do I just remember the bad or is there only bad to remember?

Anyway, I would like ideally to be a cross between an elephant and a goldfish. Remember just enough and forget just enough, remembering the good and forgetting the bad.

A GoldPhant or, EleFish?

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Forgetting yet learning


I like this quote but it’s a toughie to actually do. At the moment I can’t forget or maybe forgive events of the past, so what I’ve learnt from them is not ideal. I’ve learnt to keep my distance, avoid contact and stay clear of upsetting situations.

This is one to work on, but can I learn from the past until I’ve forgiven the people involved? I don’t know if I ever will.

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The Science of Fear

The Science of Fear.

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Ding-dong, ding-dong. Ding-dong, ding-dong!

Why did the person who rang my doorbell have to ring it more than once? Was there any need? They didn’t know this, but I wasn’t going to answer anyway because they were door to door sellers. Yes, door to door selling winds me up! There is a sign on my door saying they aren’t welcome.

Ding-dong. Just once is enough. I don’t have to answer MY door, it’s MY choice and ringing it twice just winds me up. So thank you stranger selling house to house for getting me annoyed.


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